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Yellow Haze Sustainable is a fast growing Sustainable Technologies company operating in North India with clientele base across both rural & urban population. We offer variety of products and solutions based on our client needs.

Team Yellow Haze consists of technocrats from IITs sharing the common philosophy of improving the consumer choices & making households, companies, villages and cities sustainable. Yellow Haze started its humble journey as a renewable energy consultancy assisting individuals, business & industries to switch to more sustainable solar power. In course of two years, the company has expanded its footprint from solar to other sustainability related fields such as food waste to biogas, waste to CBG, solar for process heating.

Objectives of Yellow Haze are guided by values of safety, excellence, ethics, and professionalism. We are dedicated to the success of our clients in improving the quality of life, and building a sustainable future. Our success is based on building strong relationships with our customers. We believe in understanding our customers, anticipating their constraints and addressing them proactively.

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