Solar Magazines: Akshay Urja & Others

This page lists and provides links to PDF’s of various Magazines published in India related to Solar including Akshay Urja by MNRE, GoI etc.

Akshay Urja Magazine:

Akshay Urja Solar Magazine is a bi-monthly newsletter published by MNRE, GOI in both English & Hindi language. The magazine covers latest development in field of Renewable Energy.

MonthVolume, IssueEnglishHindi
June 2019-August 2019Volume 12-13, Issue 6&1EnglishHindi
March-April 2019Volume 12, Issue 5EnglishHindi
October 2018-February 2019Volume 12, Issue 2-4EnglishHindi
July-August, 2018Volume – 12, Issue – 1EnglishHindi
May – June, 2018Volume – 11, Issue – 6EnglishHindi
November, 2017 – April, 2018Volume – 11, Issue – 3 – 5EnglishHindi
July – October, 2017Volume – 11, Issue – 1 & 2EnglishHindi
May – June, 2017Volume – 10, Issue – 6EnglishHindi
January – April, 2017Volume – 10, Issue – 4 & 5EnglishHindi
November – December, 2016Volume – 10, Issue – 3EnglishHindi
September – October, 2016Volume – 10, Issue – 2EnglishHindi
July – August, 2016Volume – 10, Issue – 1EnglishHindi
May – June, 2016Volume – 9, Issue – 6EnglishHindi
March – April, 2016Volume – 9, Issue – 5EnglishHindi
January – February, 2016Volume – 9, Issue – 4EnglishHindi

Surya Rashmi Magazine:

‘Surya Rashmi’, the bi-monthly Publication of the National Institute of Solar Energy, is an endeavour to keep people updated about the institute’s bi-monthly activities, achievements, aims, targets, and the major developments in the field that may be of concern to the stakeholders. It is edited by NISE’s own Director General, Dr. Arun K. Tripathi, a seasoned editor of several books and magazines, along with Priyanka Singh, Associate Editor, and Shri Sanjay Negi, who oversees the Hindi Section of the Newsletter and named it. With a team of several content contributors from the institute, Surya Rashmi attempts to keep people abreast with the latest developments of NISE and Solar trends in India.

March 2019Download PDF
January 2019Download PDF
December 2018Download PDF
November 2018Download PDF