Solar Asset Management

Once a solar power plant begins operation, identifying the best solar operations& maintenance provider is critical. Your choice in a solar operation & maintenance partner will significantly impact modelled financial returns, and simultaneously improve the service life of the solar power plant.

An effective O&M program enhances the likelihood a system will perform at or above its projected production rate and cost over time. It therefore reinforces confidence in the long-term performance and revenue capacity of an asset.

YellowHaze Asset Management Services include primarily set of operation & maintenance activities, which are directed towards foundational elements necessary to sustain project cash flows, meeting generation commitments, sustaining maintenance contracts for residential and commercial end customers.Additionally, we also develop performance and credit data sets to facilitate further investment for the client and in region. 

Types of Solar Assets:

YellowHaze Energy’s current Solar Asset Management portfolio includes, mainly two types of projects:

  • O & M for CAPEX projects in Residential & Commercial domain as per EPC Contract.
  • O & M for OPEX projects in Commercial & Institutional for Investors for ensuring guaranteed unit-generation & maximising project life.



Yellow Haze Energy Solar Asset Management Project Portfolio: