The BIPV Revolution

traditional glass ceiling
Traditional Glass Ceiling
Provides on Light
BIPV Solar Roof
Smart BIPV Ceiling
Provides Light | Generates Electricity

BIPV: Where Aesthetics meets Sustainability

What is BIPV Solar

BIPV stands for Building integrated Photovoltaics. BIPV solar panel replaces the conventional glass with photovoltaic glazing solution  that aesthetically appealing appearance and simultaneously generates electricity. These can be integrated into the building envelope (such as the roof, skylights, or facades) as part of the building structure, and therefore can replace conventional building materials, rather than being installed afterwards.

BIPV glass is set to transform how buildings are designed and built. It reduces the need for artificial light, making for more comfortable and productive work and living environments, while at the same time generating clean energy. BIPV panels can be blended beautifully with building architecture, façades, canopy, balcony, windows, car parking, rooftops, etc. Additionally, the solar BIPV panels are available in different shades, transparency levels, sizes etc.

Applications of BIPV Solar:

Solar Facade Solutions
Solar pitched roof
Pitched Roofs

Why you should go for BIPV:

  • Unlike Traditional glass roofs, actually has a rate of return on investment.
  • Increase the building’s value – both in design and energy input.
  • Noise protection (up to 25 db sound dumping is possible)
  • Thermal insulation (heating as well as cooling).
  • Improved cell efficiency  by cooling through rear ventilation.
  • Weatherproof (waterproof and windproof façade or roof of a building).
  • Electricity Cost Savings.
  • PV modules attenuate electromagnetic waves. As a result, PV modules can help shield areas particularly susceptible to electromagnetic interference.
  • Buildings with integrated photovoltaics communicate the forward-looking attitude of their planners, builders and occupants with regard to architecture and ecology.
  • Easily expandable, can accommodate future changes and additional requirements.
  • The PV panels come with a production life of 25 years.
BIPV Solar Module sample

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