Yellow Haze Solar Power for Your Home & Housing Society in Rajasthan

Yellow Haze provides customised Rooftop Solar Power Solutions as per requirement of your home. We provide both Simple Net-Metering System & advanced Solar-Powered Battery Backups System. Each project installation is customised according to your requirement. Yellow Haze process:

  1. Bill Analysis
  2. Site Survey & feasibility Analysis
  3. Customised Optimised Proposal
  4. Material Delivery ( 3-7 days from receipt of order )
  5. Installation (1 Day for Upto 5KWp system )
  6. Commissioning & Net-metering ( 1/2 Day )
  7. Testing & Checking (After 7 days)
  8. Performance Checks
    1. During first year, Once per Quarter.
    2. Next 4 years, annually once.
  9. Billing analysis to check, if system is performing as per standards & project planning. 
  10. Year on Year performance match with other projects in same area.


MNRE has launched the Residential Rooftop Solar Subsidy Scheme ( RTS Phase-II) scheme for achieving cumulative capacity of 40,000 MW from Rooftop Solar (RTS) Projects by the year 2022 in residential sector. Yellow Haze provides subsidy benefits for residential rooftop solar power plants as per the scheme. The subsidy provided as per the following:

System CapacityApplicable Subsidy
1 KW40%
2 KW40%
3 KW40%
4 KW40% for 3 kW and
20% for 1 KW
5 KW40% for 3 kW and
20% for 2 KW
6 KW40% for 3 kW and
20% for 3 KW
7 KW40% for 3 kW and
20% for 4 KW
8 KW40% for 3 kW and
20% for 5 KW
9 KW40% for 3 kW and
20% for 6 KW
10 KW40% for 3 kW and
20% for 7 KW
Above 10 KW40% for 3 kW and
20% for 7 KW.
Above 10KW no Subsidy


  • The residential consumers users can install solar power plant of even higher capacity as per their requirement and RERC regulation; however, the CFA would be limited for first 10 kWp capacity RTS plant.

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