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Trusted Residential & Commercial Solar Power Company with more than 2000 kWp Rooftop Solar Power Projects in Udaipur

Yellow Haze Sustainable Technologies Private Limited was founded in 2018 in Udaipur, Rajasthan with a simple of motto of working towards improving sustainability. Yellow Haze started its humble journey as a renewable energy consultancy assisting individuals, business & industries to switch to more sustainable solar power. In short duration of two years, Yellow Haze has been blessed with a number of clients from Institutional, Commercial & Industrial domain . 


Why Yellow Haze

  • Complete Technology Spectrum of Solar
  • Experience of operating Industrial Solar Power Projects.
  • 99%+ Uptime
  • Future Ready Solution
  • Quarterly Performance Checkups

Rooftop Solar Project Experience in Udaipur

YHSTPL’s Udaipur Solar Project Portfolio:

205 KWp, Udaipur
800 KWp, Udaipur
170 KWp, Udaipur
300 KWp, Udaipur
5 KWp, Udaipur
4 KWp, Udaipur
4 KWp, Parsad, Udaipur
4 KWp, Jhadol, Udaipur
4 KWp, Kherwara, Udaipur

Electricity Bill Savings Through Solar:

While we all appreciate the fact that Solar Power is renewable & almost free source of electricity. There are often doubts, misconceptions on electricity savings potential of Solar.

Solar Generation in Udaipur:

As per our experience, generally in Udaipur, Rooftop Solar Power Plants generate more than 1500 Units per KW annually . Though it may generate less based on cleaning frequency, preventive maintenance delays, material quality and installation workmanship.

Solar Power generations tends to degrade at 0.8% annually, meaning each year (assuming sun-shines exactly same) you have approximately 0.8% units less produced than the previous year.

Electricity Bill Savings in Udaipur Through Solar

Assuming you install 1 KWp basic solar solution at your premises. Then it would generate a total of about 1500 Units of electricity in an year. So, your electricity bill savings through solar is:

Type of ConsumerApprox Electricity RateApprox e-bill Savings Per KW
Industrial (manufacturing etc)9.614,400
Institutions (School, Colleges, Hospitals)10.615,900

Let’s have a conversation:

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Address of House where system is to be installed
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