Solar Thermal Energy Solutions

Energy radiated through sun rays has two important components – light & heat. When sun rises, it increases the visibility & when sun rays falls on objects, their temperature rises. Solar Photo-Voltaic  (PV) Solutions utilise the light component of sun rays to produce voltage difference & create current. While, Solar Thermal Energy based solutions utilise the heat component in sun rays to increase temperature of water, or any other heat transmitting fluid (hot air, steam, oil etc), that eventually transfers thermal energy that can be deployed for meeting numerous applications in different sectors such as industrial process heating, space cooling and power generation on a large scale (turbine based).

Yellow Haze Solar Thermal Solutions:

Yellow Haze Energy provides Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) based solutions. CST is a device which can concentrate solar radiation using mirrors/lenses to produce temperatures in the range of 100 to 450°C or more. These devices, however, need tracking so as to focus Sun rays on to a receiver all the time. They can also tap only direct normal radiation and not the diffuse. CST systems are useful for medium and high temperatures required for various applications in industries, commercial establishments & institutions. There are various CST technologies, namely:

  • Non-Imaging CST
    • Also called as Compound Parabolic Collectors (CPC)
    • Temperatures up to 150 °C
  • Line Focus Technologies
    • Parabolic Trough Concentrator (up to 250 °C )
    • Linear fresnel reflecting Concentrators (up to 250 °C )
  • Point Focus Technologies
    • Fixed Focus Elliptical Dish (up to 250 °C )
    • Fresnel Reflector Based Dishes (up to 400 °C )
    • Paraboloid Dish (up to 400 °C )

Salient Features of our Solution:

  • Yellow Haze provides High Temperature Solar Thermal Solutions for displacing Fossil Fuels (particularly, Furnace Oil, HFO)
  • Reduces Emissions in Industrial Process Heating
  • Custom made, Space efficient
  • Optimal selection of CST technology
  • Fully automated operations by PLC or controller
  • Preventive maintenance optimisation & minimising downtime by remote monitoring
  • Thermal storage for night-time applications

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