Why go Solar | Why switch to solar

Why go Solar | At present, the India has 289 GW of power generation capacity, and power plants operate at less than full capacity to cater to a power demand of 140-150 GW. Ongoing efforts to electrify all villages and provide uninterrupted electricity for all by 2019, along with the expected electrification of more railway lines, we would need an additional 175 GW of power generation capacity by 2022.

Most of the electricity that we use today comes from Thermal Power plants where Coal is burned up to produce electricity. This process is considerably adverse to environment and approximately 0.8 KG of CO2 is released for generation of 1 Unit of electricity. This carbon-di-oxide is an air pollutant and a green house gas, that accelerates the process of Global Warming. The main reason for each and every one of us to switch to solar is to provide our environment chance to recover itself.

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According to facts, 1 KW Solar Power System saves an emission of 1.168 Tonns of Carbon in one year. In the long run, installation of 1 KW of Solar Power system on your roof is equivalent to adding Carbon absorption capability of 40 Trees. So when more and more of this required 175 GW or 175,000,000 KW is produced through Solar , we can estimate the amount of carbon emissions that we can save.

Other than Environment, Solar Energy also has the power to make everyone of us Energy Independent. While we cannot afford to have our own thermal power plant or hydro power plant every household that has a roof with unrestricted sunshine, can afford to have its own solar power plant which allows it to switch from being electricity consumer to being electricity producer.

Why go Solar Now:

Electricity Bill Savings: Grid-electricity prices are rising every year and switching to solar allows you to not only save the current electricity consumption bill but it also isolates you from any future tariff increase.

Government Subsidies: At present, the government is offering full support to households and institutions going for solar with subsidies available from all central, state and local government.

25 years plant life: With a solar panel system, you’ll generate free power for your system’s entire 25+ year lifecycle.

Maintenance Free: The present net-metering on-grid system do not have battery and utilizes the existing grid (mains) for surplus energy storage. This allows system to be complete static and maintenance free

No sound or any other pollution: Electricity production from solar panels is complete silent process with no disturbance fo sound or any other kind.