Food Waste to Biogas Solutions

Institutions like residential schools, colleges, medical academic institutions, hospitals, NGO’s, hotels, companies that have institutional setup of mess (cafeteria’s) can utilise their uncooked & cooked food waste to generate bio-gas that can be used as substitute for cooking LPG gas. 

100 Kgs of food waste provides approximately 7 Kgs equivalent of LPG gas


The conversion of food-waste to bio gas involves high rate dry anaerobic digestion system. The food waste includes both food preparation waste (uncut vegetables, etc) and cooked food waste from the cafeteria (leftover food from plates) and the kitchen (cooked extra food). It digests food waste and produces clean bioCNG (biogas with high percentage of methane). This gas can be directly used for cooking, thermal or power generation. The post digested liquid is used as a fertilizer.

Some Features of our Solution

  • Custom made, modular design
  • Space efficient with with 1 ton waste per day processing plant occupying only about 50 square meters of area.
  • 50% more Water efficient than Industry standards.
  • 20% higher energy efficiency, better conversion of food waste to biogas
  • Remote monitoring for real-time performance measurement.
  • 99% uptime
  • Minimum manual works.
  • Smooth and quick setup causes zero disruption to your kitchen operations.
  • Odourless.

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