NEWS: Delhi fixes criteria for solar power scheme

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The Delhi Solar Policy promises a generation-based incentive for domestic consumers taking to rooftop solar power plants, the government plans to keep a minimum eligibility criterion for households to avail themselves of the scheme. Besides, it has proposed to offer the incentive on a first-cum-first-served basis.
According to the policy which is ready but awaiting the Chief Minister’s approval, consumers will get a generation-based incentive of Rs. 2 per unit of solar power generated from a domestic rooftop. The minimum eligibility criterion for the scheme has been prescribed at 1,000 units (kWh) per annum per kW.

Cost and operation

The scheme will be rolled out for a period of three years and is expected to cost the government around Rs. 50 crore. When asked if interested people would be left out of the incentive in case the quota was over, Delhi government officials said that the first-cum-first-serve rider would rather act as a growth driver.

“A limited-time incentive will reduce payback time by one to two years and increase adoption. The current environment is not such that people are excited or interested to get solar panels installed,” said an official. For the first year, the government has set aside about Rs. 10 crore for the scheme.

Also, those who install small solar systems of up to 200 KWp will be exempted from certification by an inspector and only self-certification will suffice. Households will also get tax exemptions and relaxations in building bylaws.

Source: The Hindu: