Solar Water Pump System

Small to large farms cannot survive without sufficient irrigation; in most of rural areas there is no regular supply of electricity and hence traditional means include use of animal power driven oxen & wheel system or high cost renting of diesel pump set. YellowHaze Energy’s solar energy based water pump is an efficient & cost-effective solution for these small to large scale farm irrigation systems.

The system consists of fixed solar panel with supporting structure, dc water pump. There is no requirement of battery or inventor and pump is connected directly to panels. YellowHaze energy offers customized solutions depending on site’s water head, irrigation requirement & daylight.

Solar Water Pumping System Components:

  • A solar water pumping system mainly consists of PV modules, controller and pump.
  • The modules supply DC power to controller and its converters convert DC power into AC power to drive pump according to the solar insolation.
  • Auto-operation including three phase AC pumps, single phase AC and DC pumps. Wide range of input voltage.

Solar water Pump

Advantages of Solar Water Pumps:

  • No dependence on electricity.
  • No Operation Cost (no fuel and maintenance cost) like running diesel pump.
  •  Highly reliable and durable Easy installation
  • Eco friendly
  • Remotely accessible
  • Govt. subsidies are available

Applications of Solar Water Pump System:

  • Domestic water supply
  • Drinking water supply
  • Agricultural and forestry irrigation
  • Landscape water supply
  • Long distance water supply
  • Industrial water supply
  • Village water supply

Subsidy for Solar Water Pump System:

There is also subsidy to the consumer, if the solar water pumping is used for irrigation on farmland.

Source: NABARD
Source: NABARD

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