Udaipur Nagar Nigam Solar Subsidy

Udaipur Solar Power additional Subsidy - smart city

As part of the Udaipur Smart City Program, the Nagar Nigam of Udaipur has decided to provide extra 10 % of subsidy to homes going for roof-top solar power plants. Few important points to note regarding this subsidy are:

  1. The subsidy is in addition to 30% subsidy provided by Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation (RRECL).
  2. The subsidy is only available for projects from 1 KW to 5 KW.
  3. Maximum fund size is 70 Lacs and subsidy would be awarded on first-come-first-serve basis.
  4. Additionally, 50% of subsidy would be given to houses with less than 1000 Sq feet of rooftop area, 35% of subsidy would be given to houses with 1000-2000 sq feet of rooftop area and 15% would be given to houses with 2000-3000 sq feet of rooftop area.
  5. Projects should be executed after 2-Feb-2017

Procedure to obtain Additional 10% Udaipur Nagar Nigam Subsidy

An applicant can apply for above subsidy at the Nagar Nigam office, with due documents:

  1.  Photographs of installed system.
  2. Subsidy approval letter of RRECL for the project.

The order in Hindi:

Udaipur Nagar Nigam Solar subsidy order